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A wise adage states that under stress, one doesn’t have to slow down, just calm down. Calming the mind to focus on a task is crucial to success as an engineer, project manager, executive, and entrepreneur. When one’s mind is swirling with worry or anxiety, it cannot perform.

With advances in technology, scientists have been studying human potential for decades. Technology exists to increase the brain’s power. Many engineers rely heavily on their left brain, the logic functions. The creative right brain is often not engaged to find new innovative solutions to problems. The potential to reach great human potential will begin with a practice of whole brain thinking.

Holosync is a technology that engages both brain halves. More advanced than subliminal soundtracks, Holosync must be used with headphones. The brain is challenged to reconcile the differing frequencies each ear receives. This pushes the creation of new neuro synapses between the two brain halves, creating more collaboration between your right and left brain. A free CD demo of holosync technology can be obtained via   www.centerpointe.com/holosync/

Posted by: admin on August 16, 2009