DAO Continuing Effort to Foster Young Engineers’ View

To ensure the Civil Engineering field continues its honorable service to the public, DAO has reached out to college students in this historical economic era for our nation. Gone are the $50k starting salaries,  firm hiring sprees, and guarantees of employment. Students are fearful for their uncertain futures.

Ms. Solange Dao delivers a 30-minute motivation talk in the realities of the economy with new thoughts and hope in career advice. Her energetic and positive focused message leaves students with the seeds of innovation. “This are times like we have never seen. We all have to step back, observe, and reinvent how we are going to garner the best job for our talents. Reinvent your thinking such as the best job may not be in another state.” There are engineering jobs available.  Jobs.aol.com listed the twenty cities in the US with the lowest unemployment. This economy requires totally forgetting the past. You cannot look in the rear view mirror if you’re driving forward.  Those who are determined always see a bright future of new possibilities straight ahead.

Posted by: admin on March 10, 2009